Small 14K Yellow Gold Thick Tube Hoop Earrings How To Remove Earrings That Are Stuck



SIZE: These beautiful, classic, traditional earrings are 3/4 inch in diameter (20mm) and are what many women want in a fashion statement either for the office, for evening and for everyday activities. The tube width of the earrings is a 3mm and features a click-down clasp. This clasp is the easiest to put on. Be sure it clicks down – tips for caring for these earrings is included in each package. Once on, they are comfortable and secure.Please see model photos for accurate depiction of size.

OUR REVIEWERS SAY IT BEST: Love Love Love these! Very secure and bold and very pretty, and very well-made and perfect earrings to wear everyday (she chose 20mm)

OUR FOUNDER SUGGESTS: These earrings are a great choice because they arent super thin like a 1mm or 1.5mm and as the photos show, the earrings show up nicely on the ear and make a subtle statement of fine jewelry. Timeless fashion you can wear for a lifetime.Material: 14k Yellow Gold, not gold-plated

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PACKAGING AND CARE: Each pair of hoop earrings comes neatly packaged in an attractive LooptyHoops jewelry gift box along with instructions on wearing and caring for your jewelry and a discount code valid on future purchases.

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