Mini Hoop Earrings Men Tiny 14K Gold Thin Continuous Endless Hoop Earrings 1mm Tube



SIZE: Earrings Diameter: 12mm (.47 Inches) TINY. Put on, leave on. Good for teens, extra piercings, men. Not for changing daily. Please see photos below or to left to get accurate idea of size. Compare model earlobes to yours to see how earrings will fit. Want something a little larger? There are 15mm hoops available on this product page, too. 14k yellow gold, not gold-plated. Tube Width: 1mm tube, like a wire, very thin. Back Finding: Endless, post fits into the tube in back of the earring.

STYLE: A classic, thin gold endless hoop earring, a style you can wear anytime during the day, at the office, to the gym, for casual play, or evening wear. Best if put in and left in, do not change this earring daily. Works well for a cartilage earring, for children, men with very small earlobes. If uncertain of size, consider the 15mm or 20mm diameter.

FASHION: This very small 14k yellow gold endless hoop earring has been in style for centuries. Most often, these small hoops are put in and left in 24/7. Because of the soft nature of gold, it’s best not to take them on and off.

PACKAGING AND CARE: Each pair of small yellow gold hoops comes neatly packaged in an attractive LooptyHoops jewelry gift box along with instructions on wearing and caring for your jewelry and a discount code valid on future purchases.

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