Diamond Cartilage Earrings 14K Yellow Gold Oval Hoop Earrings



These round/knife edged oval hoop earrings are 1.4 Inches (35mm). These earrings are flat in the center area but are a convex shape (roundish) to the tube outside. See all photos for accurate depiction of size on the ear as well as the tube shape. One of our customers said Love, love, love these earrings…..These are perfect! Great weight, nice color, perfect size. I cant say enough about them… We agree! Oval hoops help give a slimming visual effect to the face.

The roundish tube is 2mm in width.

This item is 14k gold and not gold-plated. This pair of oval hoops is 14k yellow gold. We also offer them in 14kt white gold and 14kt rose gold in various sizes on this same product page.

The clasp is a Click Down Clasp which means it is super easy to slip the post in your ear, and click down in the back. Be sure to hear the click or very slightly tighten it. We send instructions on how to do this. Once on, they are super comfortable and secure.

Each item comes neatly packaged in an attractive LooptyHoops jewelry gift box along with instructions on wearing and caring for your jewelry and a discount code valid on future purchases.

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