Click-down Clasp Playboy Earrings Gold Small 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings



SIZE: These earrings are one of our most popular styles and measure just over a half inch (15mm). They had an engraved finish or some call it a diamond cut finish. The design includes some shiny, high polished parts and also an engraved pattern with diamond cuts that catch the light and sparkle. They look even better in real life than these photos depict. Please check the model photos for an accurate portrayal of their size. These are 14k yellow gold, not gold-plated.

TUBE WIDTH: The width of the earrings is 2mm and features a click-down clasp. This clasp is the easiest to put on. Be sure it clicks down – tips for caring for these earrings is included in each package. Once on, they are comfortable and secure. Our reviewers say it best: Very happy with my purchase! Wear them all the time and and Nice and small. Just perfect for a teen or young professional. (15mm)

OUR FOUNDER SUGGESTS: These earrings have subtlety that our customers really like. Maybe they like that they almost look like an antique design. Maybe they like the sparkle that comes off the little diamond cuts. Maybe they like the thickness, not too wide, not too thin. I dont know but they are unique and bottom line, they probably like them because of that. If you would like to see this earring in 14k white gold, search for B016L5QG9G

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PACKAGING: The earrings come packaged in a delightful box you can use for storage or gifting. There will be a guide with care tips as well as a discount code you can use on future purchases from LooptyHoops.

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