Evening Earrings 14K Yellow Gold Thick Tube Small Hoop Earrings w/Click-Down Clasp



GOLD HOOP EARRINGS DESIGN DETAILS: These bold beautiful earrings are 1 inch in diameter (25mm) and are what many women want in a fashionable statement either for the office, or for night out activities. Classic and traditional. Many other sizes of same style available in yellow gold on this product page. 14K Yellow Gold, not gold-plated

CLASP: The width of the earrings is a full 4mm and features a click-down clasp. This clasp is the easiest to put on. Be sure it clicks down – tips for caring for these earrings is included in each package. Once on, they are comfortable and secure.

FOUNDERS CHOICE: LooptyHoops has hundreds of hoop earring choices, yet this style is one of our Founders favorites. Why? Shes a businesswoman and finds these to be perfect accessories to her business wardrobe.

LOVE HOOP EARRINGS? So do we! Check out our huge selection by searching Amazon for LooptyHoops or clicking the LooptyHoops at the top of this page right above this product’s title. There are hoops made of 14k yellow, rose and white gold, as well as gold-plated hoops and sterling silver hoops. There are different thickness of the hoop tubes available, too.

PACKAGING AND CARE: These gold hoop earrings come packaged in a delightful LooptyHoops gift box. There will be a guide with care tips as well as a discount code you can use on future purchases from LooptyHoops.

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